This is my (Pastor Jedidiah’s) first Interpretation for my own Pastor Jentezen Franklin – on Wednesday night June 6, 2018. It was an amazing service that was Spirit led, to the point that no information was given prior to the service regarding songs, message, Bible verses, or message theme. As a result all of this video is real time live simultaneous interpretation. We are working with the Spanish Language Interpreter Coordinator at Free Chapel and the tech team to make some improvements in the audio. Currently the interpretation is recorded in “mono,” but we want to see that done in “stereo” as well as mixing the worship music into a “final audio mix.”

As of June 11, 2018 this video, on Pastor Franklin’s official Facebook page has over 8.4 thousand views. Imagine that by adding “Spanish language interpretation” the anointed message as shared by Pastor Franklin, instantly has a far, far greater reach into the Hispanic world globally. Spanish speaking members at Free Chapel listen on audio devices during the services and then the videos are mixed and shared on social media and on other platforms to reach as many people as possible with the message.

As an interpreter there is one area in particular that I want to find a solution to. This area has to do with the “display of the Spanish Bible text” as soon as it is cited. It appears on the screen often but one has to translate it into Spanish (at the risk of a misinterpretation of some sort.) I’m thinking a second display screen for the interpreter where the passage is fed to in Spanish so that the text is read directly from the Bible.

If you have never interpreted like this — its pretty amazing — how you can hear in English and immediately speak it out in Spanish and it requires intense listening, but not to the point of becoming tense. There is literally no time to pause to look up a verse and to read it. Also to move from interpreting (spoken) to translating (written text) or reading and then back to audio interpreting is quite a challenge for the human brain. Either that or with more practice it will sync better. For now we are looking to employ the best solution to have the Spanish language verses displayed instantly for the interpreter.

I preach and teach in Spanish and English, but I’ve not been able to travel overseas for about 5 years and I don’t speak Spanish that often. I do know that the last time that I went to Honduras and spent two months, about 5 years ago — I came back with my Spanish on fire. But all in all it is a great honor to serve in this way and in fact it is one of the most effective ways to expand the message to thousands upon thousands of people who otherwise would not understand what is being said. May God bless, inspire, help and anoint each interpreter serving in this way, in el nombre Santo de Jesus.

Pastor Jedidiah is a “faith based” “Pastoral Missionary” and Lead Pastor at CrownLife Minisry and President at Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3). He helps Christians “Live Faithfully” in these last days and connects people to the Great Commission – where they can sponsor native pastors serving in the world’s hardest places, or support missionaries, orphans and widows and related projects. Become a “Partner For Life” with Pastor Jedidiah