Frequently Requested Topics

International Missions
Pastor Jedidiah loves international missions and its a near and dear passion to his heart and calling. He is willing to travel with missions groups and to serve abroad in outreaches, campaigns, conferences, or personal evangelism.
Church Planting
Pastor Jedidiah is well able to teach about church planting from an apostolic and personal perspective as he has participated in planting churches in many nations among many cultures. God gifted him with the ability to work cross culturally within many nations.
Spanish Language Preaching
Pastor Jedidiah is uniquely gifted to speak to Hispanic audiences in their own language and culture regarding the things of God. Having lived in Latin countries as a missionary and being married to a native Honduran for over 3 decades Pastor Jedidiah is especially used by the Holy Spirit to befriend and inspire Latinos and Latinas like few Gringos can.
Spirit of the Living God Series
Pastor Jedidiah teaches deeply on the Holy Spirit and how to walk faithfully with the Holy Spirit. His fresh teaching and revelations are practical and inspiring while being easily understood and remembered. Pastor Jedidiah is ready to preach and teach about The Spirit of the Living God.