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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist The Spirit of Excellence | Jentezen Franklin

Jentezen Franklin this is horrific.

Wow... This is horrible and needs to be addressed quickly

Jeddah storm warning as deadly floods sweep across Saudi Arabia

Is it possible that they became far too wicked?

Casa De Dios - with Pastor Oscar Torres and Orellana Fe and the whole church seeking the presence and the blessings of God. — in Catacamas

Who really knows what impact a little happiness could bring? Quién sabe el impacto que un poco de felicidad puede hacer.

Sometimes just being there matters. Aveces solamente vos estando allí tiene gran valor. — at

Great kids but they need some help — at

A visit to a very impoverished family with 7 children living in a bajarque house with holes in the roof. — at

Watching my Home Church Free Chapel from Catacamas, Olancho Honduras while on an extended urgent 51 day mission trip. I'll be back in December, Lord willing and interpreting for Pastor Jentezen Franklin and...

Didier CR en el mirador a camera lenta y Feliz haha

I'm preaching again locally in a great Church about an hour and a half from now. Would love your prayers. — in Catacamas

Desayuno con Don Marcio Matamoros y Tanita. Y ahora a tomar lemonada de limones de patio. Que rico. Luego subimos con Orellana Fe para visitar a una señora en extrema pobreza para ver cómo se puede hacer algo con la...

The professional anthropologist who studied Central American governments and is the "expert" "American citizen living in Tijuana Mexico" who the reporter "happened" to bump...

Coast Guard seizes about 18 tons, $500 million worth of cocaine

You won't believe this... But this is what happened... Today on the radio in Honduras as we shared God and Rosemary called in to be on the radio for our anniversary, a young man was listening locally to the...

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