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Russia to Israel: you are wholly to blame for the downing of the plane - Middle East - Jerusalem Post

Tonight at 8 p.m. EST USA - CrownLife Ministry and Host & Teacher Pastor Jedidiah will have the absolute pleasure and honor to bring to you a LIVE interview on CrownLifeTV with Ms. Sarah Wilson Fogarty...

Satellite images show results of Israel’s strike in Syria - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Amber Alert issued for TN teen forcibly taken from home

You have no idea if you will live one more day... Today is the day of salvation. Repent and beleive upon Jesus as Lord.

At 2 PM EST we will bring a live interview from Pakistan on CrownLifeTV at our CrownLife Ministry page from CrownLife Ministry Studios in the Appalachian mountains of Georgia.

We will be interviewing (IN...

Estamos en vivo desde Cuba con el Manager de Generacion DC Cuba (Generacion De Cambio Cuba) Un grupo musical Cristiano excepcional. Estamos con Rey GC --- SINTONIZARSE AHORA MISMOS

Can a divided nation learn to forgive? - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Gracias a Dios por la niña y la pre revelación 😉

An astounding passage of scripture --- seems there was a man who ran away naked when they arrested Jesus in Mark 14:51-52 -- Don't believe me --- Haha lets talk about it.... I've got some ideas...

At 10 am EST USA we will have a Special Guest from the Philippines on CrownLifeTV. Her name is Jho Barreras and she is a young entrepreneur and a Christian working among Christians and churches in her...

CrownLifeTV brings you Evangelist Rachel Wu who is a friend of our Host and Teacher Pastor Jedidiah and a lady with a huge calling and mission from God. Join us at 1 pm EST in 15 minutes for the live interview.

At CrownLifeTV we are planning to conduct interviews with more of God's leaders in ministry including:

Orellana Fe in Honduras (Spanish language)
Rachel Wu from England and working throughout Asia and...

This past Sunday marked a shift, a turning point for many Spirit led churches...amazing things coming

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saves a wretch like me ...

Waiting on Honduras to see if our signal is good enough to jump into Radio Omega morning show.

We are working on a Spanish language interview with Orellana Fe at Radio Omega Stereo 100.3 FM in Honduras in just a little while. He is live on the radio globally and we will jump in behind the scenes and on the air. (Spanish language)

An impromptu sharing of the goodness of God... jump in.

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