Wow! What are we supposed to do with the anointing, the creativity of Elohim, the Rivers of Living Waters surging through us each day? The very first mention of God in the Bible is by His Hebrew title name, “Elohim.” When you find “Elohim” in the Bible it means “Creator God” – He who created all things and creates whatever we need. When the leaders of God would cry out to “Elohim” they were consistently asking Him to intervene for them to create a way of escape, to make provision, to create a certain circumstance. It was about the ability of God to create for them, whether it was needed Manna from heaven, water gushing from a rock, a victory on the day of battle, it was “Elohim”, “My Elohim” who always delivered.

In one place God says, “Have I not said that you are elohims?” And that is with a small “e.” What was God saying? He was saying that He has given us creativity to create things like teaching series, sermons, songs of worship, books, and so many other things that are a blessing to the people of God. God says that He backs us with creativity because He made us in their image and they are creative.

Its simply too much inspiration, to big of a river, to strong of currents, to surging a creativity to not create things that can bless people’s walk of faithfulness with God.In this way Pastor Jedidiah is a “Christian Content Creator” receiving from God and making available to people that they might also be blessed. Many of our resources are available for free, while other resources are considered premium resources which help support and farther the reach of the ministry.

We invite you to visit our Store at our CrownLife Ministry site to avail yourself of any and all creatives materials that will help you live faithfully until Jesus comes for you. God says, “I AM speaking – you have need to listen and to move!”