Minister Of Jesus Christ

Pastor Jedidiah has clearly said, “I never want to be a Minister of Jesus Christ — without being a Minister to Jesus Christ!” This means that in order to minister to others — one must walk in consecration, anointing and such close fellowship with Jesus Christ that when one sneezes the Holy Spirit says, “Bless you!” A Minister, A Pastor or anyone serving the body of Christ has high privilege of ministering to Jesus in song, in praise, in worship and in the service or the works of ministry.

Show me a pastor or a minister who fails to minister to Jesus and I’ll show you the face of religion. We should never attempt to minister to others if we have not ourselves been present with Jesus. What would we share? Where would the anointing come from? What revelation could there be? Apart from Jesus we are nothing, but with Him we can do all things. This is the simple truth – It’s not so much about what we can do, but rather what God can do through us!”

Pastor Jedidiah is a worshipping, praising, pastor and minister who has literally spent years alone — worshipping the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Pastor always says that he will never trust any pastor who fails to worship and praise Jesus. Growing up Pastor Jedidiah came to faith in a church body that was cessationist, believing and teaching that all miracles, all healings, all gifts of the Spirit and God speaking to men ceased in the first century and that God only spoke now through the written Words in the Bible.

There was only one problem, God was speaking to young Wayne in their midst and in fact called him to become a self supported missionary to Latin America. We choose the Lord because He first chose us. We love Him because He first loved us. Without Jesus we are mere lumps of flesh sitting on rotting logs.

Growing up Wayne witnessed how the minister in his church never worshipped, nor sang along with everyone else. He just sat there looking all stern and official. Wayne reasoned that he was always preparing in his mind what he was going to preach after the singing stopped. The truth was that this one was not a worshipper and later in life it would become clear to many that this one hurt many, abused many, and deceived many.

To be a Minister of Jesus Christ means that one Ministers to Jesus Christ, receives from Him, via the written Word, the anointing, the Holy Spirit, by revelation and power what must be shared with the sheep of His House. If a minister is not getting his messages from Jesus then he’s getting them from some other source. The prayer of Pastor Jedidiah is to be found called, chosen and faithful in the House of God and in all that God ask of Him to do and to say whether locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.