Pastor Jedidiah

“O God, thou hast taught me from my youth and until now; I shall manifest thy wondrous works.” Ps 71:17

Circa January 2011, in a time of fasting, consecration and prayers a still small voice clearly said, “From this day forward you shall be known as Pastor Jedidiah!” Throughout Biblical history God has changed the names of certain people according to His amazing plan for their lives. I was called at age 16 to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and then I answered God’s calling to become a self supported missionary to Latin America at age 18. After more than 30 years of living faithfully – I am now called through CrownLife Ministry to help others answer God’s calling on their life, to become chosen, to choose God back and to live faithfully in these last days!


2 Samuel 12:24-25 (NOG)

24 Then David comforted his wife Bathsheba. He went to bed with her, and she later gave birth to a son. David named him Solomon. Yahweh loved the child 25 and sent a message through the prophet Nathan to name the baby Jedidiah [The Lord’s Beloved].

Pastoral Missionary

Pastor Jedidiah coined the phrase “Pastoral Missionary” to uniquely describe how God uses him apostolically as a Pastor to Pastors, through CrownLife International Inc 501(c)(3) to develop Christian leaders in the world’s hardest places.

Minister of Jesus Christ

Pastor Jedidiah leads “CrownLife Nights,” through CrownLife Ministry, where Christians gather in homes or public places to praise and worship God and to help each other live faithfully.

Christian Content Creator

A vibrant part of Pastor Jedidiah’s calling includes creating anointed, Holy Spirit inspired Christian content that instructs, inspires and entertains across numerous easily accessible platforms and venues.

The Results

We see millions across the world embracing a life of “Living Faithfully!” The generational blessings of God are for His people. He is faithful and His expectation is that you will be found “Living Faithfully!”


God faithfully keeps his promises. He called you to be partners with his Son Yeshua Christ our Lord.

CrownLife International Website

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“The Ruach Breath Of Life Series” was released by Pastor Jedidiah and his youngest son Pastor Caleb. More books will be released as the Lord leads. Get Caleb’s book on Pastor Jedidiah released “The Spirit of the Living God Series” with the first two of five books in the series being released in 2021. You can get them on Amazon and at most major book sellers. REVIVAL AS OBSERVED and Hope for Tomorrow as well as I HAVE GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY. 



Visit our 501(c)(3) ministry. “We Do Missions!” “We are A Premier Native Pastors Missions Agency” and we serve missionaries living abroad with a full suite of services in support of their mission. Visit to find out more. 


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