About Pastor Jedidiah

It is our great blessing to share detailed information about the life and times of Pastor Jedidiah as he serves Jesus Christ and the cause of the Gospel locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. As you come to know Pastor Jedidiah it is our desire that you will come along side of him and his family to help sponsor them in ministry. They are fully faith based in ministry and it is a fact that they are good ground. Everyone who has ever sewn into their ministries, provided direct ministry support, or partnered with them in ministry has been blessed and given increase by the hand of the Lord.

Pastor Jedidiah has generously provided great detail into his life and lifelong ministries, because he believes in faithfulness, openness, authenticity, credibility, and integrity. In this section you will find extremely detailed information that is historically detailed, accurate, comprehensive and prophetic regarding the life and times of Pastor Jedidiah and the callings that God has placed on his life and the life of his family.

It is our hope that you will become a “Partner For Life” with Pastor Jedidiah and the global ministry work that he is walking in for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Christ. If you should require further information, or wish to speak with Pastor Jedidiah concerning becoming a ministry partner then please use the Contact Form and we will be in communications with you. If you visit this website and you are prompted by the Holy Spirit to stand with Pastor Jedidiah and his family and ministries, including CrownLife Ministry and MDC501(c)(3) then feel free to use the GIVE page to provide your monthly support transaction, or your single offering.

In addition we invite you to download our free resources as well as to visit our Store where your purchases help support the mission and ministry works of Pastor Jedidiah, family and ministries.

God bless you richly,
Pastor Jedidiah’s “Partners for Life Team”



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