We know that God wants us to imitate, to be like, to copy off of, to carry the essence of the early church – a community of believers who met in homes, shared meals and had nearly all things in common. They were truly “in community.” What would that look like today? How can we help people realize that they are indeed called, chosen, and that they have to choose Christ back and then live faithfully?

In the times that we live in and in the days to come we all need to be connected locally. Its one thing to be “connected” on social media and to have “social connections” on various platforms like Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook and many other such platforms, but are they the best that God has for us. As a pastor who participates on social media platforms I am always amazed at how much the Spirit of God can and does work across those platforms – when invited. We have seen great moves of the Holy Spirit touching many nations when we use social media as a force multiplier to reach the nations. However, “a social media connection” is no substitute for “being locally connected” and “planted in the House of God” in your own community.

It’s time to focus on what our grandparents, and parents had and what worked well for generations past. What is that thing? It can be identified as “true community” or “the community of Christ” or “the gathering of Christians” and this can be “the church” or it can be a gathering of many from various locations as “the body of Christ.”

Matthew 18:20 [Full Chapter]

Where two or three have come together in my name, I am there among them.”
Why would Jesus say, “Where two or three come together in my name, I am there among them?” Why does Jesus cite two or three? Its because Jesus is about “the gathering” – “the community of believers” and not the “Lone Ranger.” If you really think about it “The Lone Ranger” was never really alone. The Lone Ranger had a faithful indian friend “Tanto” and a dog named “Bullet” and a horse named “Trigger.” Later the Lone Ranger had other friends including that fellow who drove that jeep called “Nelly Bell.” Who among us wouldn’t love to have a great friend with a 4 wheel drive jeep? A friend with a White Horse, a friend of friends. Amen.
Be inspired to gather together this year like never before – for the times are coming when you will absolutely need to be connnected locally.
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