Our Ministry Plan

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Our plan is God’s plan. One thing that a lifetime of serving God has shown to me is that God is in charge and he can call you at one age in your life and then successfully build upon that calling. Our lifetime of ministry and missions is a truly authentic apostolic calling. We have chosen to trust in God, to believe Him and to wait upon Him while living in Spirit and in Truth. We are not of those who turn back, but of those who embrace hardship, trials and afflictions knowing that they can work a mighty work of refining within us.

If God has truly called a person then that person will need to die to themselves daily and choose to willingly live for Jesus Christ. Such a “chosen one” will at times walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death fearing no evil and at other times will tread upon the troubled waters and the high mountain peaks. When you choose to live by faith God can truly use you in miraculous ways. We choose to be His extension cords and thus His work of ministry takes us to heavenly places to get plugged into Him and on earth to the nations in person, via social media or by emerging technologies. Our work of ministry is decades old and began in me in 1980 and then in 1982 when God called me to become a faith based Missionary to Latin America. That calling has now spanned more than 3 decades and has touched hearts and lives in many nations and in many hard places.

God said that I am a, “Pastoral Missionary” now and that by His calling I have been prepared to be sent to the nations. But how can one go, if he is not sent. Every day I pray and I anoint myself with oil consecrating my life to God and to the Lord Jesus Christ and I always end seeking the anointing, power and authority from God and the favor and the resources that flow through men who have been touched by God. Maybe God is touching you right now and you have been desiring to make a impact on the world through your giving? We can use you help all day every day.

Our calling to ministry includes connecting people to the Great Commission through our ministry, Mission Del Caribe. Helping People Live Faithfully through our ministry “CrownLife Ministry” and provided complementary and paid anointed resources in mp3, pay per view videos, and some of today’s most anointed emerging worship music from inspiring worship leaders around the globe. Get our resources at CrownLife Ministry Creatives Store today.

We inspire, equip, nurture, mentor, guide, train, befriend and stand with native pastors serving in the world’s hardest places and through them we serve orphans and widows in their afflictions. We help plant churches, carry out evangelistic preaching and teaching in person, via radio, TV and on social media and recorded videos and audios. We partner very closely with select native pastors in very hard places and through them we are able to serve orphans and widows, start orphanages and feeding programs and schools.

Doesn’t this sound like something that you have been wanting to discover and to support? Don’t you want your prayers and financial sponsorship to produce fruit that will remain? Join us in faith by becoming a “Partner For Life.” Your prayers and your giving are impacted the world both far and near. Glory to God for those who give and go and for those who stay and pray.

In this website at Pastor Jedidiah.org you will find very detailed historical information regarding the calling, the life and the times of Pastor Jedidiah and his family. We need you to stand with us to that we can go to the nations. Many, many are waiting for us to appear there in their midst to preach the Good News. Do what you can. If you can pray then pray. If you can give then give. If you want to go — let’s go. God bless you for our willingness.

We are working among the nations in places like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, North India, South India, Thailand, Uganda, Kenya, Honduras, Columbia, Argentina and the USA. Greater things remain… Where He sends we are committed beforehand to go. What He says to do, shall be done. Please consider becoming a regular monthly financial and prayer partner for the ministry works that we can do together.


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