Our Needs And Wants

Our Need?

God called me to become a Missionary at the age of 18 while deep back in the mountainous jungles of Honduras. He said, “Who will go for us? Who will help these people?” I immediately responded, “Heme aqui, Here am I Lord – send me.” I left my family, my nation and traveled by faith to Costa Rica and to Honduras to become a missionary for God. Since then God has built upon that calling and has called me a “Pastoral Missionary.” The name Rosemary means, “a gift from God” and so it was that God gave to me, my wife Rosemary from the nation of Honduras. God has cared for Rosemary and I and our family decades and He is always faithful and true. God loves to use His people to provide for our every need and He blesses every seed that is sown. We have learned to walk by faith and not by sight, but it is our desire to keep our supporters current concerning opportunities to stand with us as co-laborers in God’s vineyards. We believe in what God has called us to do, and we know that God is with us and His calling upon our lives is honorable and worthy of your missionary support. We have shared the reality of our Ministry, Missions and Personal Budget Needs in order to provide an opportunity for Christians from all around the world to join us as we serve God together sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in these last days.

Monthly Support Need

We have learned to be content in every situation, yet we are at times constrained and less effective if we are not supported and sent to share the Good News. Our goal is to see the hand of God move within the hearts of God’s men and women so that 100% of our monthly support estimate is met and maintained. We desire this so that we can do even greater things and go to even more places to reach more souls who are perishing. This means that our personal and ministry support need to be met so that we are empowered and unleashed on God’s missions. Welcome to your opportunity to become a co-laborer with us and God. How will you respond? You can locate our detailed support budget and givling links here:  Financial Support Information tab

Our Rental Home | Plans To Build and Our Ministry

We have historically been home owners, however since Hurricane Katrina we have become renters. Our rental home, which is our discipleship and ministry center, is also our office space, film studio and recording studio. We have historically paid all of the electric bills, internet bills and rent as a part of our contribution to the work of the ministry. Pastor Jedidiah’s office, since 2008, is in an unfinished basement with no a/c or heat, no finished walls and improvised lighting. It looks splendid on camera because the set is designed for the camera view. Because it is a rental property we have not invested into the home office, studio as all improvements would remain.

We recently personally purchased a large piece of land on a mountainside with the most amazing view. Our plan is to build our home there – as well as a ministry headquarters, offices, audio and video recording studio and guest suites for visiting sponsors. We think we may begin construction in about three years and so we ask for your prayers for that. Check out the view. Our ministry partners and sponsors are going to love spending time in the peace of God looking at Mount Yonah. Become a co-laborer in God’s Kingdom today with Pastor Jedidiah.


I’m pretty sure that true missionaries never retire and so my goal is to keep on pressing forward because I have not as of yet obtained the prize. That being said, it it should be noted that I left a secular job earning over $60,000 a year plus benefits, SS, retirement years ago. I have no regrets and we believe that God is faithful and will provide a fully paid off home and ministry headquarters to us right on this very spot. This was Pastor Jedidiah’s prayer spot for about 8 years and he placed a claim on it, buried a Bible on it, and he and Rosemary built a stone altar on it dedicating it to God. God made the way for them to now own it and its’ fully paid off for the glory of God. In the coming years we will all see how God will build upon it in a way that glorifies Him and in a way that furthers the work of the Kingdom of God. God will also bless those who help with the ministry offices, recording studios and guest suites. In wisdom we do need to be setting aside funds for retirement as part of my previous retirement funds were lost in the 2008 Stock Market crash and over the past 10 years since I’ve been back in full time ministry I have not been able to contribute to any IRA, or retirement fund. Pray about that with me and let’s see God’s move to meet every need as we serve Him in this balance of lifetime calling.

The Next Generation

By way of information, our youngest son Caleb is serving as an Intern Youth Pastor with the Bridge Church in Cleveland, Georgia while pursing an Associate’s Degree in Communications. He will be graduating in 2018 and applying for Hillsong College in Australia where he will pursue a degree in Pastoral Ministry. After that is complete God has long ago showed him that he will plant a multi campus church in Northern California and serve as Lead Pastor. Caleb has a profound calling from God and back in intermediate school God called him to start a student led church in his local school. He effectively pastored the student led church throughout middle school and high school and then trained up other students who are carrying on with it locally. Please pray for Caleb as he will begin applying for Hillsong College in July of 2018 with a departure planned for 3 years minimum in Australia beginning in December 2018. How many of you know that this is going to be expensive? It’s God’s vision so we know already that He will make the provision for it and as a family we are confident and excited to see Him move the mountains again. If you would like to help sponsor Caleb to go to Hillsong College contact us and let’s talk about what God may be putting on your heart. God is well able to do all things.

Our Dreams

Many people who are in ministry cease to have personal dreams, but not us. We dream of ways to make our family stronger and to pursue more quality time together with our kids and grandkids. I suppose we may not have the huge dreams like some have of cruises and trips on yachts, but we do dream with standing on the land of Israel and sharing the anointing and gifts of God in God’s land. We dream of being able to create that home and ministry center and with travel to many places around the globe in ministry. Pastor Jedidiah is called to the hard places where people often die for their faith, but Rosemary is called to other places where family live, like Honduras, or to times spent with family on a short beach vacation. Sometimes people dismiss the fact that those in ministry also have dreams, hopes, families and the need to spend quality time together with each other. If you would like to help some of our dreams come true feel free to send us to Israel, or loan us your condo or beach house, in the name of God and God will bless it. It’s a bold thing to say such things, yet we serve God who is bold as a lion.

The Main Thing

There are native pastors and multitudes of people just waiting for Pastor Jedidiah to show up. They have pre planned events, outreaches, speaking engagements, visits, evangelism and opportunities for Pastor Jedidiah to step in and for God’s anointing to flow through him to reach the masses, but it all starts with getting there. How can one go if he has not been sent? We think the main thing that we need is to partner with senders. Whether those senders be people just like you, agencies, non profits, trust fund managers, investment managers, etc. We plead with you to empower the sending of Pastor Jedidiah to the nations on a regular basis and we all shall see the hand of God move in amazing ways leading to the salvation of thousands, the strengthening and encouragement of local native pastors and the planting of new churches. Uganda is waiting. Pakistan is waiting. Cuba is waiting, Argentina is waiting. Honduras is waiting. Columbia is waiting. Bangladesh is waiting. Myanmar is waiting. Thailand is waiting. India is waiting… What are they waiting for? They are waiting for you to become a co-laborer in the Gospel with Pastor Jedidiah today.