Our Prayer Request

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This prayer list provides the broad outline of our personal prayer life and ministry plan.

Personal Prayers: 

We desire to always be found submitted to God in Jesus Christ and doing His will. If His will involves suffering, then we choose to willingly embrace it for it has a good work in us. His refining is welcome in our lives, as it will bring us forth as tried and precious before Him. We desire to be worshippers in Spirit and in Truth and that the ministry work that we do be found always authentic, faith based, valiant and led by the Spirit of the Living God. Whether we be in the USA or in any country abroad we are always concerned about those who are called “the church” and those who are “seeking to know God.” We desire to walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit preaching and teaching and sharing as He would have us to do. With such a high and mighty calling we need collaborators on earth. We need “Partners For Life” being out prayer and financial backer team. Some of you have a gift of giving and with that gift you have been given discernment and wisdom whereby and with whom to act and to react. Pray for us in your daily prayers as this life of faith is challenging – yet is the only life.

Sponsors and Financial Backers:

Because we are tithers and givers to the things of God we have confidence to speak in this way concerning our desire to have sponsors and financial backers for our personal ministry support and for the works of the ministry and those connected to it. Since 2008 we have sown into God’s Kingdom over $450,000 in personal savings. Those funds were used for ministry and in support of native pastors, projects, orphans, widows, construction of facilities and outreach and evangelism outreaches. We have given everything that we have towards the calling of God upon our lives and it’s time for sponsors and backers to step in to help. See our Financial Support Information for more details. When you sow here, your seed is blessed and that is without a doubt, because our God is faithful.

Native Pastors And Ministries:

Our native pastors and ministers need your prayers and support as well. Many of them are currently being fully funded, while others are not as astute at gaining financial support and prayer support. If you are currently sponsoring one of our pastors in the mission field we deeply appreciate your gift and our commitment. It would be impossible for them to do what they do in the world’s hardest places without you.



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