It is said by the ancients that the correct translation of what Jesus said in Aramaic upon the cross was not, “My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken Me!” – but actually the best translation is: “Abba why have You sacrificed me?” That is a huge shift in understanding. The real possibility that God didn’t forsake Jesus upon the cross is apparent if you have eyes that can see. We were always taught that God cannot be in the presence of sin so when Jesus “became sin, by taking on the sins of men” that God turned away from Jesus and left Him forsaken. Really? Where do they get that stuff from? Jesus Himself was the perfect representation of God upon the earth and He, Jesus, was constantly in the presence of sinners, hookers, tax collectors, the sick, the infirm, those possessed by demons. If He could be in their presence then how is it that God would have forsaken Him upon the cross?
If God would have forsaken Jesus then it would be possible that God would have forsaken us. The closer truth is that God the Father of Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, offered His only beloved Son as a living sacrifice to make a way to take away the sins of people, not to atone for them, or cover them over for a season, but to remove them as far as the East is from the West. This is the God that serve. Just like God told Abraham to do with Issac God the Father did with Jesus the only begotten Son of God. He offered Him up as an all sufficient sacrifice to make a way for you – reader – to be restored back to God, to leave the dark paths and to step into the path of light that leads to life eternal and joy everlasting. That’s right Jesus was sacrificed, not for Himself – He was sinless – Jesus was sacrificed because you are a sinner who needs to be saved. Today is the day of salvation – do not harden your heart as in they did in the desert – but rather receive the Way, the Truth, The Life – Jesus – Redeemer who set the captives free.
Say today: “Jesus I want all of You for all of me for all of eternity. I surrender my life to you as my Lord, my King, My Savior, my Redeemer, my Friend and my Prince of Peace. I repent of my sins and I am truly sorry to have offended my God – but here I am near, desperately pleading – I surrender, I surrender, I surrender my live and my being to You God. Remove my sins, wash me, cleanse me and make me whole again. Set me on the path of righteous living and joyful life in Jesus name. Amen.”
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